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Postless Snow Wing Details

  • No post to impede operator visibility in any wing position and allows the blade to angle back to tire on wing side
  • Loose link pin assembly upgraded to 4 position system allowing wing blade 30″ of float / no float and can be pinned to hold blade 30″ closer to grader in mobile position or for gravel blading
  • 24″ extension cylinder allows the operator to vary the blade angle
  • Hydraulically controlled blade roll (optional) or manual blade control
  • Preloaded extension arm spring maintains blade stability in carry position
  • All hydraulics are controlled inside the cab
  • Available in 2, 3 or 4 function and ripper mounted

Capital I Industries Inc.

Box 2980
Tisdale, SK S0E 1T0
FAX: 1.306.873.4158


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